Build A Battle-Proof Brand

You have a destination, but where do you start? Like pirates hunting for gold with a secret treasure map, there is a defined journey that will guide you to build your brand with no getting lost at sea.

Using battle-proof brand methods I teach you to captain your own clipper ship. Unlike Sir Francis Drake, you’ve got no time for journeys that circumvent the globe. Choose your destination, read your map, and follow the Fame Compass™.

  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter Campaigns
  • Website Consultations
  • Product Launches
  • Marketing Campaigns


We follow the Fame Compass™ to guide you through the brand building journey. Choose a single coaching session for targeted questions, our Clipper Ship package (3 months), or the Captains Academy (6 months) for complete brand creation.

The Benefits

You’ll start with a strong-as-steel mindset, ready to tackle turbulent waters. With strategized steps and the support of an expert crew, you’ll reach measurable goals and objectives. Coaching builds a strong foundation for your brand.

My Method

1. Set Your Compass 

Clarity & Purpose

Using our Fame Compass™ Focus & Clarity Worksheet we establish focus for your brand’s future, defining what is most important to you and how to shape that within your life.

Mindset Training

We often wait for an outside force to give us permission and show us the path forward. What we really need is to establish self-trust. We erase fears through empowerment practices and the Prosperity Mindset Fame Compass™.

2. Map Your Concept

Concept & Identity Creation

Intuition will guide you to your ideas and method will apply them. We use Fame Compass™ brand creation tools and industry standard techniques that unleash your creative power to build your brand concept, theme and identity.

Find Your Advantage

Using our Fame Compass™ Focus & Clarity Worksheet information we find your unique advantage that can be found buried like treasure in your answers. This is the mast that takes your ship to its target destination.

3. Plunder Your Research 

Product Planning & Defining Demographics

We have laid a strong foundation with the establishment of your brand concept and your unique advanatge. You will use this information to product plan with assurance and establish your target demographic.

Website, Technology & Content Creation

A website is a distribution channel that needs the right content, technology and aesthetic design. Establishing a system you can manage, and arming your brand ship with how-to-hire advice, plan and create one of the most important aspects of your brand.

4. Build Your Ship

Marketing Strategy & Management

Using our Fame Compass™ Marketing Plan Worksheet we maximize how you position yourself to generate leads and create your individual Fame Compass™. We choose marketing channels you can manage efficiently that will keep you on course.

Budgeting & Timeline

Our final stage of the Fame Compass™ Captains Academy, we craft a timeline and budget that works for your life and offering. Considering your personal needs, schedule, and responsibilities we create a manageable plan that gets you to your destination.

Anchors Away

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