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Bust Through Your Blocks

Simplify and Strategize Your Marketing To-Do List

Create a Visual Brand That is Uniquely YOU

Build Your Active and Engaged Email List

Send Soul Stirring Newsletter Campaigns

Become the Master of Your Social Media

Build a Functional Website


Make Your Mission



You have an important mission in this world. 

You are sharing something that has changed your life. You know you can serve people to have healthier, happier lives.

You didn’t set out to be a business person, but that doesn’t mean your business game can’t be strong.

Marketing yourself isn’t ego.  You can’t help anyone if they can’t find you.

Is this you?

  • Are you in overwhelm mode and stuck before you even start?
  • Do you stare at the computer wondering if inspiration will hit you?
  • Are you worried that marketing yourself as a yoga teacher isn’t kosher?
  • Do you stress out over newsletters and feel like yours are never as good as you want?
  • Have you been meaning to create a website for a long time?
  • Are your images blurry and bland?
  • Do you feel like you’re missing the boat on inspiration, while “everyone” seems to have it all together?

Marketing Sutras



You love what you do…

…but businesses and marketing can make you feel a bit uneasy.

Marketing authentically can be a personal practice.

We’ve broken our lessons into easy to digest sections that elevate and energize as you learn. 

Each module will include:

  • get-the-job-done worksheets
  • priceless lessons you can execute and integrate into your strategy
  • empowerment tools to integrate in all aspects of your psyche
  • a frank discussion of the emotional issues that we see come up for our clients doing the work
  • bonus resources that break down your practical options

Get Crystal Clear

Before we dive into the nuts and bolts of how-to, we will get you crystal clear on your brand uniqueness.

Get aligned with authenticity and your purpose.

You’ll also have access to our private course Facebook group.

Get feedback and support from us and other dynamic professionals like you!

By the end of the course, not only will marketing feel manageable you’ll have a clear and concrete plan of action.

 You will feel more self-confident and ready to be seen in the world.

Once more for the people in the back:

Marketing can be fun!

Fix it and Move Forward

A lot of what we see causing people the most stress on a day to day basis is a simple fix.

But how the heck do you KNOW its a simple fix if you don’t know what the fix is?  We got you! 

We’ve all torn our hair out sometimes when we’re trying to do our marketing. 

(NO, that’s not why Ramdesh wears a turban.)

We’ll fully equip you with the knowledge of how to move forward, troubleshoot problems, and know what is right for you.


What You’ll Learn



Sutras are a Sanskrit word for spiritual teachings, (we know, you know)…

…and we’ve arranged the biggest marketing lessons into a bite-sized format that can take you from struggling to stratospheric.

You will learn:

  • How to determine your unique selling point in a crowded market so you stand out and shine.
  • How to define your ideal customer so that you craft your marketing to attract them.
  • How to create a visual brand that communicates the essence of what you do.
  • How to make graphics that sparkle with personality.
  • How to master social media so you can use it to broadcast your powerful purpose.
  • How to build and utilize your email lists to grow your tribe and get results.
  • How to bust through the blocks that hold you back from an awesome website.
  • How to create value chains and plan for a profitable future.
  • How to be in JOY while rocking your marketing plan. (Yup, you heard us.)
  • How to shake-it, shake-it.  (Busting a move helps creative juices flow.  We promise.)

Overcome conscious and subconscious blocks to making marketing feel natural to you.

We lift back the curtain to show you behind-the-scenes, easily do-able tricks that make your marketing look professional without extensive budgets.

Module 1

Clarify who you are, what you do, and how you are seen. In module one you develop a vision and mission to clarify the direction of your marketing. This realizes your Unique Selling Point. Get stronger in your own unique message to stand out from the crowd.

Module 2

Who are you marketing to? Develop an ideal Customer Avatar so you know who to target. Your Customer Avatar guides all aspects of your outreach campaigns. Learn how to research for critical information that tells you who your customers are and what they want most.

Module 3

Create your stand-out visual brand. Learn the principles of style, font, and color and the emotions they inspire. Discover how you communicate through the visual world. Get our suggestions for the best equipment that can support your brand.

Module 4

Get savvy with social media. Learn the various platforms and how they are used and how they attract different types of clients, customers and students. Post to maximize your reach. Discover how important photos and graphics are…and what you can legally use. Get tips for ads and learn how they can powerfully boost your brand’s success.

Module 5

Master your email marketing and newsletters campaigns. Often overlooked, this is the micro-movement strategy of your overall marketing practice. Learn what a drip campaign is and why you absolutely need to know it.  Get the best visual, subject line and content strategies. Learn what not to do on email marketing campaigns.

Module 6

Get a jump start on your all important website. Learn DIY platforms you can use and how to start simply. What are the best practices? Learn all about opt-ins and lead generators that get you growing. When is it time to hire help and how to do it. Most important of all, get confident with being seen online.

Bonus Module

Value chains, pricing, and the planning the future of your brand.

Start and the pressure will be off…

We get how hard is…

…to juggle all the things you have to be: yoga teacher, wellness professional, entrepreneur, human being and DIY badass.  You’re doing yoga, meditating, teaching, coaching, selling, making, budgeting, businessing, humaning and now all of a sudden we want you to focus on marketing.

We’ve taken courses before and gotten overwhelmed, fallen behind, and given up, too. 

To help you make it through, we’ve installed “integration time” into our program so that you can take the time you need to not only learn the sutras, but execute them in your life.

And also, time for shake-it, shake-it.

A Little About Us

We are passionate about helping yoga teachers and wellness professionals market effectively because we’re in your shoes.  With a combined 40 years of professional marketing experience, we have helped countless teachers, coaches and brands craft their messaging and refine their marketing.  As yoga teachers, we both have our own personal practices and careers that we market for ourselves as well, and we intimately understand the frustrations and victories that lie on the path ahead.



I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and later moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry. By day I dressed actors, models, and public figures, and by night I DJ’ed around the world and was in charge of marketing my own successful career.

I now work with international yoga and wellness not-for-profit companies, yoga studios, teachers and healers designing their brands, websites and coaching them to take charge of their branding destiny! I was the creative force designing the new IKYTA – International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association website.

A mantra and world music singer, I release my own albums and am featured on the upcoming Sat Nam Foundation project Kirtan Aid: Orphans for Nambale. I am also an actress and yoga teacher, and you can catch me teaching and singing at yoga studios around the world.




I have been the marketing force behind some of the biggest yoga and wellness brands including Spirit Voyage, Sat Nam Fest, Sat Nam Foundation, and IzoCleanse.  I also do personal branding and marketing coaching for yoga teachers and sacred musicians, including rockstar Belinda Carlisle.

I balance my business life with my own yoga teaching career. I wrote “The Body Temple: Kundalini Yoga for Body Acceptance, Eating Disorders, and Radical Self-Love”, host 2 yoga podcasts with over 300,000 annual listeners, have 7 guided meditation albums, and teach at Kripalu and Sat Nam Fest.  I also have a doctorate in spiritual studies and sit on the board of You Go Girl Yoga.


What Our Clients Say

“Prior to working with Ramdesh, terms like branding and marketing felt like part of a foreign language I could never hope to comprehend, let alone get comfortable with! Because of her pinpoint insights and clear communication, not only was I able to more clearly define my own work for myself, but also get my message out to the world. Many thanks!” 

— Anne Novak, International Yoga Teacher

“Jamie worked with me to create a brand that I love and supported me in building the confidence I needed to share my teachings and offerings out in the world. She has been instrumental in the growth of my business” 

— Claudia Duarte, Yoga Teacher

“Ramdesh personifies the way in which conscious living can co-exist with a packed 21st-century professional schedule.” 

— Yoga Journal

“From the moment I sent Jamie a message, I knew that the dream, visions, and goals for my business were in supportive and creative hands.” 

— Amanda Friel, Yoga Teacher

“Ramdesh is heart-centered, kind, sensitive, and courageous.”

Gurmukh, International Yoga Teacher

“Jamie was wonderful to work with! I would definitely recommend working with her.”

Hari Mitar, Filmmaker

“You guys have great energy, very real and relatable.”

Devi Manet

“Jamie rocks, period! She is creative, thinks outside the norm, personality plus, works wonderfully with the clients, and has amazing patience. I highly recommend her!”

Chip Miller – Director/Producer

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in what we have to share that we offer a money back guarantee. 

Here’s how it works:

Participate in three modules. If you feel our course isn’t a good fit for you, send us an email before the launch of the fourth module. We will ask to see your completed course work, and if you’ve done the work and feel we haven’t delivered, then we will refund your money minus the payment processing fee of 3%. Simple as that.

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