Build the best looking, fastest Social Media ship in the fleet!

Have you ever looked at your Social Media profiles and felt…

  • Your lack of marketing and design skills are killing your Social Media?
  • You want to pay someone to make posts for you – because your’s don’t look good enough.
  • Pushing your products, and sharing your life feels cringe-worthy awkward.
  • Frustrated you don’t know how to find followers interested in what you do.
  • Your wasting time and can’t post enough to make an impact.
  • Your posts are disintegrating dingeys on a deserted island, you feel stuck and alone.

You might be saying to yourself “I’m not creative enough…”

Or, like I once did, you feel you don’t have enough time to create stunning posts that people engage with. Your skin crawls at the thought of sharing about yourself and you wish you could find people who would be interested in what you share.

But what if I told you…

You can create social media content people love,  and you don’t have to spend your entire day doing it. You can grow your following = more customers. You can free your mind and your time so you can focus on helping clients.


How would it feel if you could do this…?

Don’t let a lack of design and marketing skill kill your Social Media…

More work and more hours creating the same lackluster content is not the answer and will keep you feeling like a mouse on a wheel. When you see Social Media as your First Mate, and you chart a new course you will find gold!

You will drown without a strong strategy and compelling content…

Filling up your feed with less than engaging content, trying endlessly to find compassionate ports of call without a solid foundation will sink your ship. From day #1 you need to follow a compass that steers you to…

Stop Getting Lost At Sea…

I’v spent years working in design and marketing. What I’v learned is there are a few key strategies you need, actionable steps you take, and secret places to find the best ingredients for your content. Now, I am here to help you get to port as fast as possible.

Instead of trying to copy what other people do, try a zillion online tutorials, I guide you through step-by-step tasks, from start to finish to create unique, stunning content that attracts followers.

Get Efficient and Fast

Get confident with strategized steps for the most efficient and fastest way to get unsinkable social media.

Find Infinite Ports of Call

Create a consistent stream of content. Whether your on land or sea, create and share your best.

Be a Successful Merchant

Your ship is filled with goods. Learn how to grow your customer base and increase engagement.

“Jamie helped me take it to the next level. My business is flourishing and I would never have been able to achieve it without her!”

Claudia | Yoga Teacher & Conscious Business Owner

Follow the 4-Step Strategy for Unsinkable Social Media

Learn the secrets to unsinkable social media and be guided through a carefully planned process that will turn you into a captain. You’re steering the ship. Set sail and go from choppy waters to smooth sailing…

Chapter 1 Create Your Compass 

You start with the vital first step, creating your Social Media Brand Story that will guide you on your journey. Meanwhile, using our Fame Compass™ Social Media Clarity Worksheet define your goals and recognize your weaknesses. Take a deep breath, exhale, and open yourself up to the benefits that unsinkable social media can have for you.

  • You will sink if leave port without a brand story, build it here with fail-proof professional methods.
  • The key to unsinkable social media is understanding the psychology of who your trying to reach. Ask these questions and never feel like your alone on your ship again.
  • Create the foundation, get clear on your goals and what’s been holding you back to target your efforts.
  • Before and after post examples to inspire you to level up your seafaring game.

Chapter 2 Build Your Ship

Get to know apps and editors, colors and words. Learn the ‘how’ of creating unsinkable social media posts with battle-proof visual and copy strategy. Be guided through step-by-step video tutorials, custom templates, learn about the best apps and editors for on-the-go and home content creation.

  • Learn how to use my favorite free and paid apps and programs for creating content.
  • Get my super-secret techniques for designing outstanding graphics with ease.
  • Step-by-Step how-to’s to write the most effective copy that gets people racing aboard your ship.
  • Get a termonalogy bank of must-know words in the editing world you will find in every program you use.
  • Theme templates for a never ending supply of layout ideas that will dazzle your shipmates.

Chapter 3 Follow The Map

Maximize your time and effort, and overcome overwhelm by learning how to grow your social media using the latest automation and scheduling techniques. Strategize your posting with analytics, content categories, and demographics. Masterfully manage your profiles and let the wind catch your sail and carry you.

  • Learn how to implement the most important time-saving, no more energy wasting tool that will completely change your Social Media game.
  • Category schedule calenders for a never boring daily content roll out.
  • Understand how analytics can add a jet-propelled engine to your slow little sailboat.
  • Find out what you need to add to your profiles ‘about me’ sections that yours is missing.

Chapter 4 Book Your Passengers

Know who your passengers are and where to find them. As they say, it is not always about the final destination, but the journey. Interact with your followers in a way that positions you to generate quality leads. Understand the process of growth, and where to focus your energy for results-driven activity.

  • Why the most overlooked but essential part of your strategy will sink any effort your making.
  • Learn how to engage with the right followers in a way that doesn’t feel gut-wrenching akward.
  • Discover the secret places to find followers who will love you.
  • Conversations are your destination, are you headed in the right direction?
  • My top notch copy tips for sail-worthy slogans and storytelling that get people onboard.

Your Course Materials…

  • PDF downloads with need-to-know information.
  • Results-driven strategy guides.
  • Weekly interactive group coaching (replays available).
  • Facebook group for support from other sailors.
  • Step-by-step video tutorials of the creative process.
  • Theme layout grids.
  • Tutorial art files for editing.
  • By category schedule calenders.

Sometimes we need a little extra push to propel us forward faster. That’s why I am offering a Social Media evaluation *BONUS*. Each business is unique, and that’s why this is so valuable! 

The evaluation bonus will:

  • clarify the steps you need to take for your unique business
  • offer a constructive critique of your current profiles
  • review your social media brand compass you created
  • provide point-by-point change you need to make going forward

Social Media works best when you have a highly converting, well designed website with clear call-to-actions. Join a bonus livestream and get the pro strategies for turning your website into a conversion machine.

“Jamie’s coaching goes above and beyond with tutorials/videos and great expertise. She will be my go-to for years to come!”

Danielle | Modern Spritual Wellness


Anchors Away…

The Unsinkable Social Media Ship is Leaving Port

This course will give you what you need, I guarantee it…

These are the techniques I use as a professional, to sell my courses, grow my client’s businesses, and get an endless stream of clients. If you have any doubt in your mind about your current strategy this course is for you.

The Social Media Compass is a group coaching program with limited enrollment availability.

Hop Aboard…Stop Getting Lost at Sea

Choose Your Preferred Payment Plan

One Payment of


USD Paid in Full

Low Monthly Payments of


USD with Paypal Credit* Approval Required

Send me a message if you need any further payment plan options.

Refer a Friend and YOU BOTH Get 15% off…

Have a shipmate who wants to travel with you? Referrals get 15% off!  

This course is for you if…

You’re ready to maximize the effort you’re already putting into your social media, get results, expand your creativity, and you can commit to following the course content (no matter how long it takes you).  

The course is not for you if…

You’re not committed to following the course material, are not excited about using social media to grow your business, don’t trust that it is an essential part of business growth and you don’t have the patience to stay the course.

If you need to jump overboard…

The Social Media Compass comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. I want you to give your very best effort to implement the strategies and understand growing social media takes time (this is not a get rich quick scheme). To be eligible you must submit proof that you did the coursework and watched the webinars. If you don’t feel that it worked for you, I will refund your course fee. 

Praise From The Fleet

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