THURSDAY, FEB. 21st, 2019

7:30 PM EST, 4:30 PM PST

Teaching yoga and having a wellness business touches the core of our soul. The heart comes easy here. But business and technical skills don’t always flow. Most of us don’t have marketing experience. What we have is a heartfelt, deep desire to help others.

Free Live Training and Q & A

Weighted down by the worry of the small tasks can sink your big decisions. Impatience can make you want to give up. Lack of knowledge can put you in a rut of disempowerment.

It’s vital you keep going. The work you do is important.

As much as we hone our teaching skills we should look at marketing as a place where we can expand our skills too. Knowledge is power. Patience is Prosperity.

Working for influential yoga studios, worldwide non-profit organizations and wellness companies I’ve seen the ins-and-outs, challenges and needs of wellness businesses.

A non-profit yoga business is not exempt from the same marketing standards that other successful businesses are. Not-for-profit doesn’t mean, no profit.

The more success you create, the more you can help others.

I’m going to share with you the most important aspects of running a successful yoga business, being an independent teacher, and marketing success for your wellness business. There will also be a live Q and A.

What You Will Learn

  • The First Steps in Developing a Marketing Strategy for a Wellness Business
  • The Best Branding Strategy For a Strong and Unique Brand
  • How to Focus Your Efforts
  • How to Get New Clients
  • How to Keep Up With Social Media
  • How To Get Fear and Self Judgement Out Of The Way
  • How to End The Need For Perfection
  • Why Not-for-Profit Shouldn’t and Can’t Mean No Profit


After The Webinar You Will Feel

Focused • Determined  • Enthusiastic  • Recharged

Anchors Away…

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