Get Out of the Sand…

Idon’t know where to start… Are you saying that to yourself every time you think about building (or revamping) your brand? You sit down, start dreaming about the possibilities, and you finish feeling stressed? You get stuck wondering what step to take next.

If this is your inner monologue I’m guessing you feel; confused, overwhelmed, not good enough, lost, unmotivated, defeated…


This kind of thinking is going to keep you stuck. You’ll wait, and wait more until you’ve waited so long the idea that originally inspired you no longer does. You’ll sink in every excuse possible WHY you can’t.

And then comes the regret and the…What if?

What if I had put that on my schedule? What if I had asked for help? What if I had invested?

Perhaps you don’t have any professional experience or creative skills. Great! This course is made entirely for YOU.

“Jamie helped me take it to the next level. My business is flourishing and I would never have been able to achieve it without her!”

Claudia | Yoga Teacher & Conscious Business Owner

Here’s what I’ve done…Iv taken the steps I use as a professional brand designer to create my client’s brands and compiled them in a course with a 20-page workbook, glossary guide, video guide, creative resource guide, audio lecture, and brand board templates.

YOU will make the major decisions for your brand. Who you are will shine through. You’ll get ideas you didn’t know you had through the process of the course.

You will have a clear direction for your brand. The pieces you need to build your visual brand are in the Brand Visual Creator Compass.

It will guide your way on!

I’m all for the ‘Law of Attraction’ but let’s be serious…you can’t have a business if you just think about it all the time. You have to do something.

Iv been sailing my brand clients to success for years. The results are clear. Success, solutions and solid sales.

I graduated seventeen years ago from Massachusetts College of Art, one of the best art schools in the US. You’ve got my almost twenty years of professional experience behind this course.

If you have any doubts I imagine they are…

What if I can’t follow it?

If you can read this page, you can follow the course steps.

What if I get stuck!?

Take a break! When we get stuck our mind is tired and needs to reset. If you’re really struggling head over to my entrepreneurs Facebook group and drop your question! I am happy to help clear the path!

It seems expensive?

When you think of what the course gives you, what you would pay an expert $75+ an hour for, it’s doesn’t seem expensive anymore. It’s a big saving. You get a framework for your mission, vision, inspiration, customer profile, color, concept, logo idea and brand board creation. That’s hours of work between you and a specialist BEFORE they have even made anything for you.

To ease your worry, I offer a 14-day money back policy. If you look over the course and feel you absolutely can’t do it I will refund the course fee.

The course is $267 right now. Iv discounted it to celebrate it’s debut! That’s all it takes to get your brand off the ground. That’s less than a flight to go on vacation!

This investment will last a lot longer than the memory of a vacation. It will give back, over and over again. Not only income but the feeling of confidence and accomplishment.

Hop aboard! We are waiting for you…

“Jamie’s coaching goes above and beyond with tutorials/videos and great expertise. She will be my go-to for years to come!”

Danielle | Modern Spritual Wellness


Anchors Away…

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This course is for you if…

You’re ready to launch a new product or business. You can commit to following the course content with excitement!

The course is not for you if…

You’re not committed to following the course material, are not excited about growing your business. You don’t see how a solid brand is an essential part of business growth and you don’t have the patience to stay the course.

If you need to jump overboard…

The course comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. I want you to give your very best effort to implement the strategies. To be eligible you must submit proof that you tried the coursework. If you don’t feel that it worked for you, I will refund your course fee. 

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